University of Success

If you haven’t already checked out Pat Mesiti’s insightful webinar, then I know you’re probably not likely to…

“You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink…” and all that.

But I hate to see people miss out on opportunities.

So, at the risk of being repetitive and annoying, I want to share that link with you one last time.

It honestly was the most enlightening 45 minutes of my week. He explains 5 secrets to unlimited wealth and prosperity which I thought was cool:

  • Shift your thinking
  • Why your mind can build you a prison or a palace
  • Money is a result (and lack is a consequence)
  • Why you can’t have a $1M income with a $5 mindset
  • Eliminating you mind viruses

In the video clip, he explains each point in detail. What a great orator and teacher.

And the best part? He’s looking to mentor some students to become millionaires

But first, you need to have a clear, specific, measurable goal. As Pat says:

“Fuzzy dreams don’t come true.”

Well, that’s all from me. I hope you don’t let life come between you and opportunity.

‘Gurus’ come and go, but talented mentors with both the successes AND hardships under their belt of life experience are few and far between.

Don’t miss out!